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Middle School Exposure Program
Classes 2024 - 2026

1. Prospect Evaluation

The perfect starting point for every student-athlete. Prospects receive professional, unbiased, third-party evaluations based on the game/highlight film links that they provide to National College Preps. Each Evaluation will include the prospect’s strengths and growth opportunities.

2. National Scouting Profile

Prospects will have access to their own National Scouting Profile that they can upload their photo and keep it fresh with pertinent information like: contact information, biography, social media links, SSAT / PSAT / SAT / ACT scores, awards, report card uploads, and GPA to name a few.

3. Customized Recruiting Exposure Webpage

Prospects will receive a personalized recruiting webpage that showcases the prospect. The page will include a quality picture (supplied by prospect) and embedded videos (if available) of the prospect in action.


View Sample Webpage

Use your Recruiting Webpage to boost your social media presence and promote your accomplishments. A link to your webpage will be included in your National Scouting Directory Profile to provide visibility to any coaches who may view your profile.

Your NCP Exposure Webpage Includes:

• High resolution photo so coaches can “size you up” (Photo supplied by the prospect)

• Height, weight, wingspan, etc. (Provided by the prospect)

• Name, School, Graduation Class, Position, City / State

• Evaluation Summary

• Highlight film embedded (Video Link supplied by the prospect)

• Awards / Accolades / Mentions

• 12 months of web hosting

• All sports (Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Field Hockey, Baseball, others)