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National College Preps was established to improve the recruitment experience for promising student-athletes and their families. Simply put, we match student-athletes with colleges that fit their recruiting profile. 

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The most common mistake parents make is to waiting until their child is in high school before they take the recruiting process seriously. The hard fact is that the longer you wait, the less scholarships are available to you. Colleges are offering scholarships or holding slots for offers at an earlier age. You will want your child to be prepared and properly positioned for offers as early as possible. 

NCP has been successful in standardizing an easier way for college coaches to review and evaluate talent. For the past 15 years our team has worked closely with some of our nation's top college sports programs, admission officers, leadership consultants and sports brands, to develop our NCP Recruitment Management System (RMS).

The NCP-RMS System is designed to provide information, resources, and guidance on how to best position your athlete for scholarship offers.

No scouting service or recruitment service can guarantee you a scholarship offer, only college coaches can do that. So beware of services who call or approach you with the guarantee of college scholarships for signing up with their program. Our goal is to guide our parents and student-athletes through the process by showing them how to take control of their recruitment by maximizing their time, money invested in camps, and opportunities.

Our staff is made up of former college student-athletes and former professional athletes who have been through the recruitment process in multiple sports. With over 130 years of combine experience we've seen it all. 

Once you join NCP you will be guided through the following phases of the Recruitment Process:

NCAA Eligibility

Any student-athlete who is serious about playing at the next level must create a Certification Account to make official visits to Divisions I and Division II schools or to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI).

Recruitment Seminar

Through our online recruitment seminars. You will gain a much greater understanding of the recruitment process, who is involved, timelines, and considerations. You must understand the process before you can begin to plan your recruitment effectively.

Recruiting Webpage

As an NCP member you are provided with a Recruitment Webpage for as long as you are an active with the service. Your Recruitment Webpage is the primary tool you will use to send validated information and player stats to college coaches. College coaches are looking for more detailed information that can be validated by a trusted third party. National College Preps is a trusted third party resources as an NCAA approved scouting service for Division-I college coaches

Social Media Cleanup

We help you to conduct a social media audit. We will also educate you on the good and bad sides of social media when it comes to your recruitment. We will walk you through the process to make sure you understand how social media is used by colleges and universities in recruiting.

Evaluation, Assessment and Player Webpage

Your Game Film is how you will be judged as an athlete. The most common mistake is made when prospects send out "BAD FILM" to coaches. Unless you have played the game at the college or professional level, it can be difficult to understand what college coaches are looking for on film.

We conduct a full Film Evaluation and provide a Player Development Plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. The key to a successful recruiting experience is being realistic. You have to know who you are and where you stand among the thousands of prospects nationwide. 

College Research

National College Preps will take the information received from your athletic evaluation, and put together a listing of schools that match your profile athletically. This initial listing of schools will serve as a basis to increase or narrow your search. 

Recruitment Management

Now that you are prepared for the process we begin the Recruitment Management. This involves a continuous effort to contact college coaches and provide your updated information and evaluations. College coaches are interested in how you progress. So we want to make sure that you stay on their radar and that you are continuing to increase your coaching contacts. 

Don't worry, you are not alone in the process. The NCP Recruitment Management System also includes NCP Staff Assist TM. National College Preps will contact up to 5 schools from your NCP college list. You can login to your recruitment profile page to view updated information regarding the college contacts made on your behalf. This will allow you to continue following up with the college programs who are interested.