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Hoops Training Lab: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

NCP Hoops Lab with Coach Christian takes a dynamic approach to helping players not only enhance and improve their current skills, but also develop new skills. The P.I.T. development program has been proven to build a strong foundation that increases confidence and sharpens the mental approach to the game. The entire program includes basketball skill development that involves repetition of key drills, while also presenting new challenges each time you train. This approach allows new clients to jump right in. P.I.T includes awareness of nutruition, hydration, and the performance training (balance/agility/strength) needed to maximize their efforts.

There are no wasted movements and we will not let you cheat yourself. We do not just go through the motions and neither will you. In order to experience breakthroughs in development you must be challenged, struggle with the adversity of the challenge, work through the challenge, and conquer the challenge.

This is different. We do not train. We provide a program. Find out for yourself.

Fall Basketball Training Sessions:


Days:Tuesdays & Thursdays September 4, 2018 through November 30, 2018
Sessions: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
St. Francis Center of Renewal
395 Bridle Path Rd, Bethlehem, PA 19017

Bring a ball if you have one

Packages must be paid in full to take advantage of the discounts. Coach Christian can be contacted at:

All sessions will be P.I.T. workouts.

H.A.M. (Handles & More)
Primary Focus: Instilling comfort and confidence with the ball.
Secondary Focus: Understanding the footwork involved and how to use the dribble in varying situations.

S.W.A.P. (Scoring with Attacks & Purpose)
Primary Focus:
Creating Opportunities to Attack the Basket and the footwork involved.
Secondary Focus: Mental Focus and Situational awareness.

G.R.I.N.D. (Grit, Intensity and Determination)
Primary Focus:
Work on the motions that increase explosiveness, balance, and strength.
Secondary Focus: Completes the motions needed to tie H.A.M. & S.W.A.P. together. 

P.I.T. (Put It Together)
Primary Focus:
This is the session that combines all specialty sessions into one. Consider this an overall workout that works for all participants even for those who have not attended specialty sessions. Everyone will be brought along at their levels while teaching them the speeds they can achieve.
Secondary Focus: Defensive footwork and motions are included

Contact: or 1.800.424.6753 (Ext. 700)